Session 1 – 5 Benefits of Using Intraoral Cameras

Many of us have enjoyed the advancement in technologies that have occurred in recent years. In fact, we may use that technology on a daily basis to stay in touch with our friends and family and to get all of the information we could possibly need on any possible subject. Technology has touched our lives in many ways, and this also includes our visit to the dentist office. In fact, one of the pieces of digital technology that is used by some dentists today are the intraoral cameras and they provide many benefits.

An intraoral camera is a tool that is used by dental professionals to take images of all parts of the mouth, including some areas that may be otherwise difficult to reach. They are essentially very small digital cameras and they fit inside the mouth easily so that the images can be captured. It has really provided benefits to many people because of their use, due to the fact that it finds issues that may be hiding under the surface.

The intraoral camera is slightly larger than a pen but it looks very similar to a writing implement. It is connected to a computer at the dentist office and as it is inserted into the mouth and moved about, it can take pictures that are sent to the computer and shown on the screen. These images can be seen in real time and the patient can see them to their benefit as well as the dentist. In addition, the dentist can take any frozen image from inside of the mouth and zoom in to see the area in more detail. Along with that benefit, here are some other benefits of using these cameras.

1. Treatment Accuracy – When an intraoral camera is used, any issues that are identified can be treated properly and more specifically than with a typical exam. It also allows the dentist to advise the patient as to the various options that may be available for treatment.

2. Early Diagnosis – One of the issues that are associated with our dental health is the possibility that many problems could go undetected for months or perhaps even years. These could even be as serious as exposure of the pulp in certain areas and tooth fractures. These tiny digital cameras are able to get into areas that were inaccessible through a standard dental exam. It allows the dentist to see any of the problems and to provide an early diagnosis. As a result, the possibilities for treating the problem successfully are much greater.

3. Documentation – This is something that can benefit both the dentist and the patient. In the past, it was necessary for the dentist to take detailed notes and perhaps draw pictures of what he was seeing in the area. Although it worked to a certain extent, it is nothing compared to the ability to document problems with an intraoral camera. The pictures that are taken by the digital camera can be saved on a computer and with each subsequent visit, the problem can be tracked and any additional associated problems can be identified much more easily.

4. It Puts the Patient at Ease – There is no denying that many people are nervous when it comes to going to the dentist and many avoid the visit for as long as possible. Using technology, such as the digital oral cameras, can help to improve the relationship between the dentist and the patient. In essence, it helps to put the patient at ease because they recognize that the issues are being identified early. In addition, they can even see what is taking place on the screen in front of them in real time.

5. Insurance – There are always issues that surround insurance coverage and many insurance companies are now insisting on advanced technology when it comes to oral health and dental care. The high-resolution images that are provided by the intraoral camera can be used to provide proof that the problems did exist and needed to be corrected.

There is no doubt that these tiny digital cameras have really made inroads into our lives. We use digital cameras on our cell phone and sometimes, even in our photographic hobbies. It was only a matter of time before they began to be used in a dental setting, and they have really enhanced our lives by doing so.